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Do Laundry, Or Go Naked.

Daniel and I moved into our home on May 27, 2016. From the beginning, we had projects and plans for each room. We worked around the clock before we began our new jobs. Since then, we have done what we can, as we can. I thought that it would be fun to share the progress we have made and some of our favorite pieces we have used to decorate.

I’ll start with the laundry room. I absolutely hate doing laundry. I start each week with good intentions to do a little throughout the week. However, every Saturday morning I wake up to full hampers and piles of overflow scattered throughout. I thought that having a really fun laundry room may make laundry more exciting. It hasn’t worked yet, but I do love the room!

img_1764 img_2011

These pictures are horrible! Oopsy. I was kind enough to crop out some unflattering images, so they’re a little wonky. These show the floor and wall color. The floors were an emerald green tile. We actually replaced them the weekend we moved in. All of the walls in the house were a goldy-tan. They looked nice, but I’m slowly working towards cooler colors.


This was taken after the first coat of paint. We woke up on a Saturday morning and decided to redo the laundry room. We didn’t have a plan. I knew I wanted some kind of Apple Green, so we went to Lowe’s and just chose one. We went with Sunny Dale by Valspar in a satin finish. We didn’t choose a great quality of paint, so it required about three coats. You live and you learn.


While I painted, Daniel built a screen door to cover the hot water heater. The heater was completely surrounded by a wooden box and that just didn’t vibe with us. He did a great job! The screen door is painted with my current favorite off-white, Woodlawn Whitewash by Valspar. We have used this color on several projects and it is perfect!


Late that night, we finally were able to move things back in place! I wasn’t patient enough to wait overnight.

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-8-32-46-pm screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-8-32-40-pm dsc_0081

My mom made this cabinet for the room. I needed something to hold sheets and towels. She made it using the crib she had as a baby (Thank you, Gramma for saving it!) The sides are made from old windows covered in chicken wire. It is perfect! I found the basket super cheap at Ross. It fit in the room perfectly!



Daniel cut a 1×6 board to fit the wall and painted it with my beloved Woodlawn Whitewash. My parents just happened to have a box full of old hooks which they donated to our project. With my mom’s help, I made the laundry bags using standard size pillow cases. I found the pillow cases on sale at Pottery Barn Teen. I still need to use chalkboard paint to label each bag. Obviously, it was laundry day when I took the second picture! My mom gave me the old magazine advertisements several years ago.


img_2235 screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-8-35-16-pm dsc_0085


A few final details. My mom made the “love” sign out of fabric scraps. I loved it! Daniel’s mom gave me the chicken hanging rack for Christmas last year. I have a dream of having my own chickens some day. I love this Big Girl Panties sign. My grandmother gave it to me years ago and I still read it all the time! Sometimes I need that little pump up!

I have a crib bed spring that I would love to use as a hanging rack, but have not decided exactly how or where to use it yet. We are always a work in progress around here!

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3 thoughts on “Do Laundry, Or Go Naked.

  1. I love your laundry room! Great job on the blog. I especially love the big girl panties picture. Daniel did a great job on the cover for the hot water heater.

    1. Thanks so much Selma! We really love it! I checked and the author of the Big Girl Panties print has a website. Cute Christmas gift idea!!

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