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Apple Butter Baked Brie

It seems like I may have an apple theme going on here…maybe apples have replaced previous years’ obsession with all things pumpkin? One of my favorite appetizer recipes is Baked Brie. My cousin, Erin, shared it in our family cookbook. It is so simple, but so yummy! I did change her original recipe which calls for apricot jam by  replacing the jam with locally made apple butter.


Apple Butter Baked Brie


1 can Crescent Rolls

1 wheel Brie

Apple Butter

Ritz Crackers for serving

1.) Place tin foil on baking sheet and spray with Pam. (extra easy clean up!)

2.) Unroll the crescent rolls. Pinch the perforations together.

3.) Place the wheel of Brie in the center of the crescent roll sheet.

4.) Spread apple butter over the cheese. I didn’t use a specific amount, don’t be skimpy!

5.) Cover the Brie with crescent rolls. Try to seal all of the edges so none of the cheese slips out. If needed, trim excess.

6.) Bake according to instructions on crescent rolls.

7.) Serve immediately with crackers.

I baked it about 12 minutes and should have longer. It is usually more melted inside.

I am the worst grocery shopper and forgot to buy crescent rolls, I had a can of Pillsbury Pizza Dough, so I just used that. It worked well, just needed a lot of trimming!

I’m thinking next time I need to try it with our homemade sweet pepper jelly!



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