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The Good Ol’ Boys Club

Since we moved into our house, we have gone back and forth on what to do with the dining room. Originally, I really wanted a pretty dining room with a big table and cabinets to display my dishes. As we got more settled in the living room, we decided it was plenty big to also house the dining room…so we chose to go that route. I shared it in this post. We still had an empty room to work on. We decided it would be an office, but continued to ignore it. Then, a few weeks ago, I got a wild hair and talked Daniel into ripping up the carpet….



The room sat looking like this for almost 6 months.




We tore the carpet out with no game plan.


img_2970 img_2972 img_2974

Since the only desk we have is mine from when I was little, we had a hard time deciding what to use for a desk. Finally, we chose to use standard size unfinished cabinets. I love the Junk Gypsies and fell in love with Miss Jolie’s (I love her name!)  kitchen. She stained and aged unfinished cabinets. I read her instructions about 1000 times and decided to go for it. It did turn out really bright, but the final step is to use a thin coat of Minwax stain over the blue. This aged them perfectly and gave them the look I wanted.





My parents gave us the idea to recover one wall in unused wood they bought from a Saw Mill for Sugar Camp. They donated a Saturday to helping attach it to the wall. I was told to paint the wall a dark color so that gaps wouldn’t be too noticeable. I forgot about my one instruction until the last minute. I mixed several colors to make a dark grey.


I thought it was funny that Harper and Patsy’s little pink mouse got stuck in the middle of the mess.


We painted the walls navy. We thought that we had chosen a color before we went to buy paint, but changed our minds last minute. This color was perfect! Since we started this whole project with no plan, we really had no idea what to do with the floors. We couldn’t make up our minds, so finally we decided to just paint them white for now and decide later. I actually love the white with all of the wood and dark colors. It may  stay around awhile!


My parents made this light using mason jars and a bourbon barrel ring. Not sure how they did it, but we love it!


We finally made it to the fun part. Putting it all back together! We still haven’t decided on a top for the desk either. Right now we are using an old door with chippy paint. The flag is from my parents’ house. We loved its worn out look. Normally, I make my white tree into a snowman, but that doesn’t really go with the masculinity of this room…so it’s just a naked tree in the corner.


I bought vintage bar stools from eBay. We hung a crib bed spring up. I plan to use clothespins to hold things on it.  I also plan to have a printer on a small table in that corner.




Daniel imagined a leather chair here, but this one was free, so we took it. It makes a cozy corner. We just need a table and lamp! The wall displays autographs from our favorite guys, George Strait and Eric Church. The top picture/autograph of George Strait is from the night we saw him in concert. Is it wrong that my celebrity crush is 38 years older than me? Nah.  We also hung cowboy hats we’ve been holding on to. The black one belonged to Daniel’s uncle who passed away. I won the tan one in a white elephant gift exchange from my grandmother.


Our rug was a lucky find at Ross. This antique desk turned bar was in my room when I was really little. I think it is so pretty, but we really haven’t had a good use for it. It is now Daniel’s bar. We found the paintings a few years ago at the Farmer’s Market in Lexington.

The room has a classic, vintage, manly feel. Daniel wants a sign that says “Good Ol’ Boys Club.” I will gladly make him one since it is one of his favorite songs from my girl, Kacey Musgraves.

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