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2016 In Review

As I sit in front of our half decorated Christmas tree (thanks kitties…) avoiding taking down our happy Christmas decoration, I wanted to post about our 2016.  I wasn’t sure if much would top 2015.  In 2015, I graduated with my master’s degree and then two weeks later, we got married. May was my favorite month! 2015 was fully of happy changes.

If possible, 2016 was filled with just as much excitement. We decided to move back home and spent the beginning of the year going between Indiana and Kentucky. We spent a lot of time stalking Zillow and I spent a lot of time trying to talk Daniel into getting chickens…still hasn’t worked.

In April, we came home for a long weekend for a job interview, house tours, and a wedding. Our plans to move really came together in a few days!

The day we made an offer on our house. It’s changed a little since this day. 

One final gift Indiana gave to us was a last minute decision to see Miranda Lambert. She was worth an outdoor concert in 40 degree weather!


After counting down for a few months, May showed up! We spent our free time shopping for our new home and making plans for it. We do miss the antique stores that surrounded our cute, Indiana town.

We finished our jobs and then it was time to go.

My parents came up, we packed up, and headed home!

We celebrated our first anniversary three days after moving in. Daniel made pulled pork just like we had at our wedding and we enjoyed our year old cake.

The end of May and beginning of June were filled with working on our house and enjoying being home with family.

We attempted a garden, but it didn’t have a lot of success. We did get a few peppers. The deer enjoyed the fruits of our labors, however.

Our deer showed up one morning while we were having coffee in our sunroom. The same group has stayed around since we moved in. We’ve enjoyed getting to watch the babies grow, but my attachment to deer has definitely put a damper on Daniel’s hunting.


I felt the need to have a really bright guest bathroom. I painted the walls salmon. I love it, but it is too dark…maybe we just need a new light!

We didn’t get a vacation this year, so a baby pool in the yard worked…

We both started new jobs, and then Fall showed up. Fall was filled with birthdays, Friday Night Football and continued work on the house.


We had a three day Thanksgiving celebration, and then it was time for Christmas! We celebrated the entire month of December.

We bought our selfie stick as a joke, but sometimes is comes in handy!

2016 has been a great year. We have had so many chances to learn and enjoy our time. On New Year’s Eve, my grandmother said that we have had two big years and asked if 2017 will keep up. I can’t wait to find out!!


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  1. What a wonderful year, Elizabeth! Having you and Daniel here is a dream come true. God’s richest bkessings in 2017!

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