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Friday Favorites

A few of my favorite things….this week.

What I’m Wearing

Maybelline Baby Lips- Dr. Rescue

This feels so good on dry winter lips. I had a miserable cold for two weeks and it was a miracle worker.


What I’m Watching

The OC

Obsessed! I have no idea how I didn’t watch this in high school. It has just the right amounts of dramatic, romantic, and cheesiness. It’s a great distraction from real life, depressing news on tv.


What I’m Reading

Well kind of….I’m not sure when this happened, but Amazon now gives Prime subscribers unlimited access to Prime books. In the past, you could only get one free book a month. I was super excited to discover this. I am obsessed with Prime, this just made it worse.


What I’m Eating

My favorite recipe this week was my Make Ahead Smoothies. They are an easy and yummy grab and go lunch!


What I’m Excited About

More house projects!! Last weekend, we found this old Post Office desk for sale. It is a really unique piece and fits with the needs of our office better. The cabinets that we were using for our desk will now be moved to the master bath. We didn’t have intentions of tackling our bedroom and bathroom anytime soon, but here it comes! I’m really excited to make our space more useable…and hopefully more organized!

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