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Friday Favorites

What I’m Wearing

I’ve been kicking it back to high school this week wearing my old favorite, Princess.  I love Princess. It goes on light, but lasts all day. It isn’t expensive. I just can’t justify spending a lot on perfume when there are so many good, cheaper options. 

What I’m Watching

This one is actually what I’m listening to this week. I have been listening to Southland’s Uncommonwealth Series Podcasts on my way to work. The series focused on love, generosity, kindness, and risk. I really really loved this series and and am sad there were only four. I’ll be looking for my next option.


On a horrible, embarrassing, opposite note, I’ve also started watching The Bachelor for the first time in like 15 years! There are only 6 girls left, but I still don’t even know who to root for…maybe Raven? Love her one liners.  I don’t understand the “love” they are all feeling for Nick. He’s awkward and boring. I’ve loved reading these blog posts each week about the most recent episode. She catches all of the strange, hilarious parts that I’m afraid will go un-noticed. I do feel like I’ve been missing out on this guilty pleasure.


What I’m Reading

NOTHING…sue me.

What I’m Eating

I’ve cheated both weeks and put drinks up. I’ve been addicted to the Grapefruit flavor of Sparkling Ice (I buy the off brand.) I get so bored of water, so these are a nice change sometimes. I really need more ways to liven up water…

What I’m Excited About

Valentine’s Day!! Duh! This Valentine’s Day will be 10 years since we started dating. I shared this picture of us from 2007 just to prove it. We were dressed for some kind of theme party, he had bleached hair and a wife beater, I had white plastic sunglasses and a sequin top. What’s not to love? We don’t have big plans this year, but I always love a reason to celebrate!


Hope you have all had a happy week!

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