Saturday Morning Dreaming

I’ve told Daniel he is lucky that I see kids in our future. Otherwise, I may pack up our favorite things and two sweet kitties, get an old RV and just wander around the country. Daniel may tell you that I’ve come up with some new, wild idea each week. I wouldn’t say that, I see it more as adding it all together to make one, big, dreamy idea. This week, my heart is set on getting baby chicks and a vintage camper.


I’ve been trying to talk Daniel into getting a flock(?)…is that what a group of chickens is called?…of chickens since before we had even decided to move back to Kentucky. I have big dreams of how much fun they would be.  Most people try to convince me the opposite way… All I think about is how fun it would be to snuggle chickens…I read they’ll do that…and collect eggs every day. Daniel sees chicken poop, attracting mean animals into our yard, and a bunch of old chickens running around because I would get attached…

For awhile, our dates included going to see chickens…making a pit stop at Rural King to see the babies or going to a farm based restaurant that is home to cows and free range chickens…one of our favorite restaurants we’ve been to!

Lucky for me, I talked Daniel into going to Tractor Supply last night to see some babies, but we were too early and they haven’t arrived.


I saw this on Instagram yesterday and cracked up. I texted it to Daniel saying this will be me one day… For now, I’ll keep on pinning.

Moving on…I’m also dreaming of finding an old camper to fix up. I’d park it right in the yard, pull out the awning, blow my baby pool up and pretend I was on vacation. I’ve been scanning Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and have seen so many fun ideas. Craigslist hasn’t been as inspiring, people expect to get way too much out of really old campers. If any of you have one to get rid of, let a girl know!! I’d love an Airstream like Miranda Lambert’s, Wanda the Wanderer, but those are a hot commodity.

I’ll wrap this up. Harper just took a dramatic jump over a foot wide ditch to go up our hill. She wanders up and down our hill, but seems to forget her way back until she hears us call her. She has no idea how to be an outside cat. I’m off to reign her back in.


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